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Eldritch spear - range 250 feet (50 squares)

This is over twice as far as the normal maximum of 24 squares.

Sep 29 2016 @ 00:58 by allen1smith about Renegade Warlock

Disguise self?

I have to wonder why, given both shapechanging and thought detection, this creature isn't given that.

Sep 29 2016 @ 00:51 by allen1smith about Rakshasa


Omission of this seems to be an error.

Sep 28 2016 @ 22:12 by allen1smith about Fiendish Snake


Omission of this seems to be an error.

Sep 28 2016 @ 22:11 by allen1smith about Celestial Giant Owl

NE vs CG/CE?

The Monster Manual actually says that they're nasty/suspicious but CN.

Sep 28 2016 @ 14:02 by allen1smith about Wizened Elder Watcher

Skirmish weak?

The skirmish version lacks energy drain (also an additional source of self-healing, on top of the fast healing 2), turn resistance, domination, and gaseous form.

Sep 28 2016 @ 13:33 by allen1smith about Vampire Spawn

CR 12 or 14?

The other War Troll is CR 12.

Sep 28 2016 @ 12:55 by allen1smith about War Troll

Chaotic monk?

Technically, he can't advance further as a monk, even as a Drunken Master - but the Drunken Master prestige class does _not_ require lawful alignment (a barbarian is noted as having qualified...)

Sep 27 2016 @ 23:52 by allen1smith about Drunken Master

Huge or Large?

One side of the card says Huge; the other says Large. Either makes sense.

Sep 27 2016 @ 19:37 by allen1smith about Arcane Ballista

True neutral would make more sense

Judging by who he's willing to work with, plus traditional thinking on objectivity, etc...

Sep 27 2016 @ 18:29 by allen1smith about Sage