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Hobgoblin Marshal vs Hobgoblin Sergeant

The latter has the higher Commander rating (3 vs 1), but they're the same CR/level. Huh?

Sep 24 2016 @ 16:15 by allen1smith about Hobgoblin Marshal


I'm surprised it doesn't have Difficult.

Sep 24 2016 @ 15:28 by allen1smith about Gray Render

Same as 3.5 Spectre?

Is this the equivalent to the 3.5 Spectre?

Sep 24 2016 @ 13:51 by allen1smith about Specter


Arcadia is a strongly Lawful, mildly Good plane. I've added "celestial" as a tag.

Sep 24 2016 @ 13:22 by allen1smith about Arcadian Hippogriff

Celestial dire lion?

This seems to be the LG equivalent (that one's CG).

Sep 24 2016 @ 02:36 by allen1smith about Blessed Hunter

Deserts with cold vulnerability?

Evidently not in the (rather frequent) deserts that get very cold at night...

Sep 24 2016 @ 02:07 by allen1smith about Sand Giant

3.5's Summon Monster chart claims CG only

Errata for this?

Sep 24 2016 @ 00:03 by allen1smith about Celestial Dire Badger

"expanded factions"

I've started adding this to such cases - there are a few others, but nowhere near as many as those with "restricted factions". Check for both those tags for a _mixed_ case...

Sep 23 2016 @ 23:49 by allen1smith about Druid of Obad-Hai

Lawful barbarian?

The RPG side fails to reflect that a lawful barbarian loses the ability to rage. The miniatures stats do not use the rage ability, however.

Sep 23 2016 @ 11:52 by allen1smith about Half-Orc Executioner

Tanis half-elven?

This was tagged with "tanis half-elven" for some reason. It isn't a unique creature.

Sep 22 2016 @ 15:16 by allen1smith about Free League Ranger