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The Heroscape version is translucent.

Feb 25 2012 @ 12:54 by brontoceratops about Medium Water Elemental


I had two of these, traded one for the Draconomicon. Awesome dragon.

Sep 09 2011 @ 08:10 by unwrittenglory about Adult Purple Dragon


I didn't find a flying kobold in the compendium, so you will have to re-skin something. The Aarakocra Diver from the Dark Sun Creature Catalog is a pretty close match, for example, but it really depends what level your campaign is (the diver is Level 6).

Aug 12 2011 @ 22:45 by snaggle2th about Dragonwrought Kobold

4e Rules

Is there any 4e rules for this monster anywhere? It would be really great in my campaign, but the card is in '3e talk'. Help anyone?

Aug 01 2011 @ 07:50 by Doodles123 about Dragonwrought Kobold

Most beautiful min of the set

Just a beautiful dragon with some really cool abilities. A must for any setting in or near a volcano.

Jul 30 2011 @ 19:23 by dukethepcdr about Young Volcanic Dragon

A flat-out fun creature to use in DDMGuild and RPG

Whether you are a DM for an RPG or needing something to spice up your warbands for DDM, this is really fun creature. Looks cool too.

Jul 30 2011 @ 19:22 by dukethepcdr about Will-o'-Wisp

A well designed Mini!

We finally get a mini for sieges! I've ran siege encounters in the RPG before but had to just pretend the siege engines were there. This is a perfect mini for that.

Jul 30 2011 @ 19:21 by dukethepcdr about Trebuchet

Finally! A Treasure Chest gets a real mini!

I love using the trap features in DDMGuild and RPG games. Sometimes, I customize the traps a bit for a new surprise ;)

Jul 30 2011 @ 19:19 by dukethepcdr about Trapped Chest

This mini (the real one, not the Spiretop Drake) makes a good robber for Settlers of Catan.

Jun 20 2011 @ 05:09 by Snu about Human Bandit

This makes a pretty good Agricola start player marker.

Jun 19 2011 @ 19:58 by Snu about Farmer