D&D Miniatures Database: 4th Edition Keywords: Demon

There are 17 miniatures in this listing, sorted by Type and Subtype.

Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_2014 Runespiral Demon DW 14 C S Outsider N/A
Thmb_0344 Abyssal Eviscerator Ar 44 U M Outsider 4 MH 45
Thmb_0345 Aspect of Demogorgon Ar 45 R L Outsider 9 MH 46
Thmb_0347 Aspect of Orcus Ar 47 R L Outsider 9 MH 46
Thmb_2604 Balor DDM2 4 V H Elemental Humanoid 27
Thmb_2019 Draegloth Favored One DW 19 R L Outsider N/A FR
Thmb_0248 Dretch De 48 C S Outsider 2 MM 40
Thmb_1905 Gnaw Demon AtG 5 C S Outsider N/A
Thmb_2624 Goristro DDM2 24 V H Elemental Humanoid 19
Thmb_2719 Graz'zt DDM3 19 R M N/A
Thmb_2625 Hezrou DDM2 25 R L Elemental Humanoid 22
Thmb_2725 Marilith DDM3 25 R L N/A
Thmb_2004 Mezzodemon DW 4 U M Outsider N/A
Thmb_2016 Solamith DW 16 R L Outsider 8 MM5 28
Thmb_2811 Draegloth Abomination DDM4 11 R H N/A
Thmb_2009 Vicious Bearded Devil DW 9 R M Outsider N/A
Thmb_3001 Orcus, Prince of Undeath I:O 1 R G N/A