D&D Miniatures Database: Miniature: Giants of Legend #72 - Nightwalker

Nightwalker Miniature

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3rd Edition

CR 16
Monster Manual, page 195

4th Edition

Level 20 Elite Brute
Huge shadow humanoid (undead)
XP 5,600
Monster Manual, page 197


h3. Differences * In 3rd Edition this creature is Huge but in 4th edition it is large.


Card Images

Nightwalker RPG Card Nightwalker Skirmish Card


2 things

1. this is the best non-icon figure in the game. 2. it also has the worlds greatest butt crack, but only if you've seen it in person wich i have.

Jun 17 2010 @ 01:06 by simaniac about Nightwalker