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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1001 Aasimar Fighter DQ 1 C M Outsider 2
Thmb_1301 Arcadian Hippogriff BW 1 R L Magical Beast 2 MM 152
Thmb_1528 High Inquisitor Uh 28 U M Humanoid Human 8
Thmb_0826 Justicator Ud 26 R L Outsider 13 MM3 85
Thmb_0745 Mina, Dark Cleric Af 45 R M Humanoid Human 20 DL
Thmb_0747 Orog Warlord Af 47 R M Humanoid Orc 11
Thmb_1506 Pentifex Monolith Uh 6 R M Humanoid Human 12
Thmb_0509 Rhek Ab 9 U M Monstrous Humanoid 4 BE 181