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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0841 Balor Ud 41 R L Outsider 20 MM 40
Thmb_1035 Greenspawn Razorfiend DQ 35 U L Magical Beast 7 MM4 146
Thmb_1705 Human Cleric of Bahamut DoD 5 U M Humanoid Human 7
Thmb_0452 Lareth the Beautiful GoL 52 R M Humanoid Human 7
Thmb_0938 Shuluth, Archvillain WD 38 R M Aberration 20
Thmb_1358 Skeletal Reaper BW 58 C M Undead 3
Thmb_0176 Tiefling Captain Ha 76 U M Outsider 3