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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0347 Aspect of Orcus Ar 47 R L Outsider 9 MH 46
Thmb_2039 Brutal Ogre Warhulk DW 39 R L Giant N/A
Thmb_0246 Bugbear De 46 C M Humanoid Goblinoid 2 MM 29
Thmb_0442 Bugbear Footpad GoL 42 C M Humanoid Goblinoid 4
Thmb_0905 Combat Medic WD 5 U M Humanoid Human 7
Thmb_0652 Ettin Skirmisher Dk 52 R L Giant 6 MM 106
Thmb_0231 Goblin Skirmisher De 31 C S Humanoid Goblinoid 1/3
Thmb_0232 Goblin Warrior De 32 C S Humanoid Goblinoid 1/3 MM 133
Thmb_0955 Orc Mauler WD 55 C M Humanoid Orc 6
Thmb_0641 Skullcrusher Ogre Dk 41 U L Giant 5 MM3 116