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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1043 Cleric of Laogzed DQ 43 C M Humanoid Reptilian 5
Thmb_0449 Ghast GoL 49 C M Undead 3 MM 118
Thmb_0755 Hezrou Af 55 R L Outsider 11 MM 40
Thmb_1737 Spined Devil DoD 37 U M Outsider 6 FCII 136
Thmb_0558 Taer Ab 58 C M Giant 1 Una 72 FR
Thmb_0260 Troglodyte De 60 C M Humanoid Reptilian 1 MM 246
Thmb_0859 Troglodyte Barbarian Ud 59 C M Humanoid Reptilian 3
Thmb_1827 Troglodyte Bonecrusher DxD 27 C M Humanoid Reptilian 1 MM 246
Thmb_0840 Troglodyte Captain Ud 40 U M Humanoid Reptilian 6
Thmb_0959 Troglodyte Thug WD 59 C M Humanoid Reptilian 2