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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0115 Arcane Archer Ha 15 R M Humanoid Elf 8
Thmb_1740 Cyclops DoD 40 R L Giant 5
Thmb_1716 Elf Conjurer DoD 16 R M Humanoid Elf 7
Thmb_0334 Gauth Ar 34 R M Aberration 6 MM 26
Thmb_1619 Greater Basilisk NB 19 R L Magical Beast 7 MM 23
Thmb_1729 Manticore Sniper DoD 29 R L Magical Beast 5 MM 179
Thmb_1614 Raistlin Majere NB 14 R M Humanoid Human 6 DL
Thmb_0521 Valenar Commander Ab 21 R M Humanoid Elf 6 Eb
Thmb_0824 Wizard Tactician Ud 24 U M Humanoid Human 4