D&D Miniatures Database: Miniature: Blood War #59 - Succubus

Succubus Miniature

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3rd Edition

Monster Manual, page 47

4th Edition

Medium immortal humanoid (devil, shapechanger)
XP 400
Monster Manual, page 67


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Succubus RPG Card Succubus Skirmish Card


changed type

I liked her better as a demon :/ *shakes fist at 4ed*

Dec 15 2008 @ 11:38 by Twilightraven about Succubus


One of her 4th edition keywords might be "demon". I haven't gotten around to assigning 4th Edition keywords yet.

Dec 15 2008 @ 15:23 by brian about Succubus

No, the succubus is officially a devil in 4th edition. Though in third she was a demon. I'm going to tag her as both.

Dec 15 2008 @ 22:32 by Twilightraven about Succubus