D&D Miniatures Database: 4th Edition Origins: Aberrant

There are 27 miniatures in this listing, sorted by Type and Subtype.

Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_2023 Thoon Hulk DW 23 R L Construct 13 MM5 120
Thmb_0241 Carrion Crawler De 41 R L Aberration 4 MM 30
Thmb_1954 Enormous Carrion Crawler AtG 54 U H Aberration N/A
Thmb_1845 Grick DxD 45 C M Aberration 3 MM 139
Thmb_0451 Grick GoL 51 C M Aberration 3 MM 139
Thmb_2025 Concord Illithid DW 25 R M Aberration N/A
Thmb_2713 Foulspawn Berserker DDM3 13 U M N/A
Thmb_2415 Foulspawn Grue DDM1 15 C S N/A
Thmb_2617 Foulspawn Hulk DDM2 17 R L Aberration Humanoid 12
Thmb_2618 Foulspawn Mangler DDM2 18 R M Aberration Humanoid 8
Thmb_2021 Shadow Flayer DW 21 R M Aberration 8 MM5 107
Thmb_2401 Aboleth Slime Mage DDM1 1 V L N/A
Thmb_1825 Balhannoth DxD 25 R L Aberration 10 MM4 15
Thmb_3101 Beholder Eye of Frost BCS 1 V L N/A
Thmb_3103 Beholder Eye Tyrant BCS 3 V L N/A
Thmb_2405 Beholder Eye Tyrant DDM1 5 R L N/A
Thmb_2606 Beholder Ultimate Tyrant DDM2 6 V H Magical Beast 29
Thmb_0548 Chuul Ab 48 R L Aberration 7 MM 35
Thmb_2806 Cloaker Ambusher DDM4 6 R L N/A
Thmb_0529 Destrachan Ab 29 U L Aberration 8 MM 49
Thmb_1349 Ethereal Marauder BW 49 U M Magical Beast 3 MM 105
Thmb_1814 Eye of Flame DxD 14 R L Aberration 8 BV 177
Thmb_3102 Eye of Shadow BCS 2 V L N/A
Thmb_0334 Gauth Ar 34 R M Aberration 6 MM 26
Thmb_3104 Ghost Beholder BCS 4 V L N/A
Thmb_0550 Gibbering Mouther Ab 50 R M Aberration 5 MM 126
Thmb_0635 Grell Dk 35 U M Aberration 3 MM2 121