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1-4 points 101-140 points 141+ points 17-25 points 26-35 points 36-50 points 5-8 points 51-70 points 71-100 points 9-16 points Adventure System CR Adventure System LoD Adventure System WoA D&D Heroscape DC Curse of Undeath Demon~Quiller's collection Felix's collection Medium RPG epic Savage Encounters Thunderspire Labyrinth Trollhaunt Warrens Will o wisp aasimar abduct aberrant aberration ability drain aboleth acid acid melee damage acid ranged damage acid vulnerability acrobatic charge adamantine adept adult aggression agile air aligned druid amphibian ancestor angel animal ant anti-aberration anti-chaotic anti-charge anti-commander anti-construct anti-damage-reduction anti-dragon anti-elves anti-evil anti-fire anti-flight anti-giant anti-good anti-healing anti-human anti-humanoid anti-larger anti-lawful anti-living anti-magic anti-mounted anti-orcs anti-outsider anti-shapechanger anti-smaller anti-spell-resistant anti-spellcasters anti-undead anti-unique anti-vampire any chaotic faction any environment any evil faction any faction any good faction any lawful faction ape appetite aquatic archdevil archer archmage archon area-effect attack aristocrat armblade armor arms arrogant arrows arthropod artificer artillery ashigaru armor asmodeus aspect assassin astral astral construct attacking attacks of opportunity attendant aura of courage aura of doom aura of fear axe azer baatezu backpack backstab badger bahamut bald ballista banded mail bandit bane banshrae baphomet barbarian barbed bard barding barghest bariaur basilisk bastard sword bat battle fury battle plate battleaxe battlefield promotion beak bear beard beast beastmaster beastmaster high beetle beguiler beholder beneath contempt biped bird bite black black bear black hair blackguard blackrazor bladeling bladesinger blast defenses bleed blind-fight blindsight blink out blond blood blood frenzy blood of vol blood rock blood slaad bloodlust blue blue hair bluster boar bodak body thief bodyguard bold bone book boomerang bound bow bracers brain brass bravado breastplate breath weapon broken wrackspawn bronze brown brown hair buckler bugbear bullywug burrow bytopia canine cape carded duplicate carrion crawler casting catfolk cavalry cave setup celestial centaur centipede chain chain and dagger chain shirt chained chainmail chainmail armor changeling chanting chaotic chaotic effect chaotic evil chaotic evil faction possible chaotic good chaotic good faction possible chaotic good-aligned plane chaotic neutral charge charging chastise spirits chest child chimera chromatic claws clay cleave cleric climb cloak cloaker close-order fighter cloth cloud club coins cold cold hills cold melee damage cold ranged damage cold vulnerability collar combat casting commander commander high commoner composite longbow composite shortbow conceal cone attack confusion conjurer constrict construct container cooperative spellcasting coordinated shot copper corellon larethian cormyr cougar countersong counterspell cowardly crab crazed attacker create spawn creeper critical hits crocodile crossbow crouch crouched crow crown crusade crusader crustacean crystal cult of the dragon cultist curse curse aura cyclone cyclops dagger daggers dalelands damage reduction damage shield damaging aura dark one dark sun dead death death attack death blow death burst death knight death strike death touch deathless deathlock debilitating magic deep gnome defender defensive roll deflect arrows demogorgon demon demonmaster deneith derro dervish desert deva devil devoted devoted companion devotee of undead difficult dinosaur dire dire bear dire boar dire rat dire wolf disease disguise self disorienting presence displacement displacer disruptive distracting presence divine crusader djinn dol arrah dol dorn dolgaunt domiel dominate domineering doomguard double axe double scimitar double weapon dracolich draconian draegloth dragon dragon bolstered dragon samurai dragonblood dragonborn dragonkith dragonlance dragonlord dragonmark dragonmaster dragonmaster high dragonslayer dragonspawn drake drider drillmaster drizzt drizzt-associated drow druid drum drunken master dryad dual activation dual wield duergar dwarf dwarven waraxe eagle earth earthbound eberron efreet efreeti egyptian eidolon eight legged eladrin elderly electricity electricity melee damage electricity ranged damage elemental elemental master elemental plane of fire elephantine elf elude chance emerald claw empty-handed enemy battle plans energy being energy drain engulf enhanced mobility enlarged enslave entangle entourage equiceph equine erythnul ethereal plane ettercap ettin evade damage evil evil eye evil-aligned plane evoker executioner exorcist expanded factions expert explosive ammo explosive strikes extraplanar eye eye rays eye stalks eyeless eyes eyestalks faction typo falchion falcon familiar fat favored enemy favored soul fearless feathers feline female fey fiendish fighter filch fire fire elemental master fire elemental master high fire melee damage fire ranged damage fire vulnerability fireball fist fists flag flail flame flamewhip flanking flat flexible flight flighty flind flindbar floating flying follower fomorian forces morale save forest forge blessing forgotten realms formless foulspawn fountain of blood four armed fractional CR fragile frog frost full plate fungus fur furious spirit gargoyle garl glittergold gauntlet gaze attack genasi genie ghost ghost step ghost touch ghoul giant giantmaster giantmaster high girallon githyanki githzerai glaive gnoll gnoll bolstered gnome goat goblin goblin squad goblinoid goblinoid bolstered gold gold dwarf golem goliath good good-aligned plane gore gorilla gravetouched gray greataxe greatclub greatsword greek green green flight greyhawk griffon grimlock group command gruumsh guard gythka hairy halberd half plate half-dragon half-elf half-giant half-illithid half-ogre half-orc halfling hammer hand crossbow handaxe hard of hearing hard to kill harmonium harper harpoon harpy haste hat hazard headstrong healer healing heavy crossbow heavy flail heavy mace heavy shield heavy steel shield heavy wooden shield heironeous held object hell helm helmet hexblade hextor hidden face hide hide armor hierophant hill hippogriff hobgoblin holy symbol hood hook hooks hooves horde horn horns horse huge human humanoid hunter hybrid hydra hyena hyenamaster ice iconic illithid illuminator illusionist immune acid immune anti-living immune aura of fear immune cold immune commander immune confusion immune critical hits immune dominate immune dragon breath weapons immune electricity immune energy drain immune entangle immune fire immune flanking immune incite immune paralysis immune poison immune pushback immune sleep immune sonic immunity magic missile improved countersong improved familiar improved flanking incarnum incited incorporeal independent inevitable infest inhibit inhibited initiate initiative insect inspired instrument invisibility iron iron golem ixitxachitl javelin jittery kalashar karrnathi karsite katana keen critical kenku khopesh killer killer instinct kneeling knight kobold kord kruthik kuo-toa lance landshark lantern large large target bonus lathander lawful lawful evil lawful evil faction possible lawful good lawful good faction possible lawful good-aligned plane lawful neutral lawful-aligned plane leather leather armor left-handed legend legendary assassin legendary leader lich lidda life drain light crossbow light shield light steel shield lightning line attack lion living construct living spell lizard lizardfolk loincloth lolth longbow longspear longsword longtooth loot lovecraftian loviatar lure lute lycanthrope lying mace maenad mage magic magic items magic melee damage magic ranged damage magical beast mail male malebranche malison mammoth mancatcher manticore maquahuitl marked target marshal mask masked mass battles only mass magic weapon master master high mastodon maul maur maze medic meditating medusa meepo melee melee reach melee sneak attack mephit mephling mercenary mesoamerica metallic methodical killer militia mind flayer mindblade miner minions minotaur misdirection mithral mob mobility mohawk mongrelfolk monk monstrous humanoid moon elf moradin morale morale save bonus morale save penalty morningstar motivate mount mounted mounted melee attack mounted melee reach mounted ranged attack moustache mouth multi headed multi legged multiple threats multiple weapons mummy mummy rot murderous mustache myconid mythical naga naked native natural natural soul necklace necromancer negative neogi nerull neutral neutral evil neutral good nightwalker ninja no RPG card no reach no skirmish card no-dachi nunchaku obad-hai objective octopus ogre only chaotic factions only evil factions only good factions only lawful factions ooze orange orb orc orcus order oriental orog outrider outsider owl owlbear pacification pack pack frenzy pack hunter padded armor pain paladin pan pipes paralysis pegasus pelor pendant persistent petrification phalanx phalanx fighting phalanx spellcasting phase out pick pipe pirate plane of limbo planescape planewalk plant plantmaster plate armor plodding poison polearm possession potential mount pounce powerful build powerful charge prayer praying precise shot prehistoric priest priestess primordial pro-aberration pro-animal pro-aquatic pro-beast pro-cold pro-commander pro-construct pro-dragon pro-drow pro-dwarf pro-electricity pro-elemental pro-elves pro-fighter pro-fire pro-follower pro-giant pro-gnolls pro-gnome pro-goblinoid pro-guard pro-halfling pro-human pro-humanoid pro-kobold pro-melee pro-militia pro-movement pro-orcs pro-outsider pro-plant pro-poison pro-psionics pro-ranged pro-reptilian pro-shapechanger pro-slaad pro-small pro-smaller pro-snakes pro-soldier pro-spawn pro-spells pro-spider pro-troglodyte pro-undead pro-unique pro-yugoloth protection provoke psionic psionic speed psychic drain psychic enervation psychic strike psychic warrior pull purifier purple purple dragon knight push pushback pyromancer quaggoth quarterstaff quick moving quickling quori rage rags rakshasa rally ranged ranged precision ranged sneak attack ranged weapon ranger ranseur rapier rare rat ravager ravenloft razorclaw rearing rebuke undead reclaim smite red red dragon red hair red hand of doom red slaad regeneration rend repaint reptile reptilian reptilian bolstered requires commander requires spellcaster reroll resist acid resist cold resist electricity resist fire resist sonic resistance respawn restricted factions retaliate rhino ride riding dog rings roar robe rock rod rogue routing runecarved running saddle sahuagin sai saint cuthbert salamander samurai sand sand blaster sap satyr savage frenzy save bonus save bonus simplified save penalty save penalty simplified scale scale mail scales scarab scarecrow scenery scimitar scorpion scout scout class scroll scythe selective shot self-destructive self-healing shackles shadar-kai shadow shadowdancer shaman shambling shapchanger shapechanger shapeshifter shardmind sharn shield shifter short sword short-range bonus shortbow shortspear shot on the run shugenja shuriken sickle sidestep siege engine silver simultaneous attack single combatant single-minded sitting six armed six legged skeleton skirmish attack skirmish strong skirmish weak skull slaad slaadmaster slaadmaster high slam slave sleep sleeping slime sling slow attack slow effect slow melee attack slow ranged attack sludge small smite snake sneak attack snig sniper shot soldier sonic melee damage sonic ranged damage sorcerer soulknife soulmeld spawn spear spear wall spell spell focus spell penetration spell resistance spell resistance all spellbook spellcaster spellcaster crew spells spellscarred spellstitched spider spidermaster spidermaster high spiked chain spikes spine spines spirit spirit shaman splint mail spring attack squad activation stable footing staff stagger statue stegosaurus stench stone stone lord stone shards stonebond stonestep studded leather stun stunning attack sudden strike summon summon monster summon undead summonable monster summonable natural ally summonable swarm sun elf supernatural bane svirfneblin swallow whole swamp swarm swashbuckler swim sword sword sword swords syreth tactics tail tail slap tail slash talisid tanar'ri targeting teeth telepath telepathy teleport temperate deserts temperate forests temperate hills temperate marshes temperate mountains temperate plains tentacles terrain thay thief thoon thorn thrane three-headed thri-kreen throwing axe thumbnail problem thunder tiamat tiara tiefling tiger titan torch torm tower shield trample translucent transmuter transparent trap treant trebuchet tree trident trip troglodyte troll true neutral true seeing true strike trumpet turmish turn undead tusks two weapons two-bladed two-handed tyrannical morale tyrannosaurus umber hulk unaligned unarmed unarmed strike unavoidable strike uncommon undead undead bolstered underdark underground unicorn unique universally hated urthok valenar valhalla vampire vandria vengeance vermin very difficult victory village visejaw vol volcanic volley wakizashi wall wall walker wand wandering monster war hulk war weaver war wizard waraxe warband building warblade warcaster warforged warhammer warlock warlord warm forests warm hills warm plains warmage warpriest warrior water water breathing weaken weasel web wemic werebear wereboar wererat weretiger werewolf whip whirlwind attack whirlwind blast white white hair wight wild wild elf wild mage wilder wings wizard wolf wolf pelt wolverine wood elf woodland stride worg wraith wrappings wrong CR wrong picture wrong size wrong type wulfgar xen'drik xeph xorn yeenoghu yellow yochlol yondalla yuan-ti yugoloth zehir zhentarim zombie

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How should I tag miniatures?