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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1328 Acheron Goblin BW 28 C S Humanoid Goblinoid 4
Thmb_0502 Anvil of Thunder Ab 2 U M Humanoid Dwarf 6
Thmb_0928 Aspect of Hextor WD 28 R L Outsider 11 MH 46
Thmb_0116 Axe Sister Ha 16 U M Humanoid Human 5
Thmb_0904 Axe Soldier WD 4 C M Humanoid Human 4
Thmb_0801 Battle Plate Marshal Ud 1 R M Humanoid Dwarf 7
Thmb_0944 Blood Ghost Berserker WD 44 U M Humanoid Goblinoid 4
Thmb_1602 Brass Golem NB 2 U L Construct 10 MM2 116
Thmb_1710 Bruenor Battlehammer DoD 10 R M Humanoid Dwarf 13 FR
Thmb_1832 Bugbear Headreaver DxD 32 U M Humanoid Goblinoid N/A MM 29
Thmb_1011 Clawfoot Rider DQ 11 R S Humanoid Halfling 9 Eb
Thmb_0514 Cleric of Garl Glittergold Ab 14 U S Humanoid Gnome 5
Thmb_0515 Crow Shaman Ab 15 R M Humanoid Human 5
Thmb_2041 Cyclops Hewer DW 41 R L Giant N/A
Thmb_2709 Death Giant DDM3 9 R L N/A
Thmb_1950 Death Titan AtG 50 R H Giant 16 MM3 54
Thmb_1650 Dracotaur Rager NB 50 R L Dragon 7 MM3 43
Thmb_1004 Dragonborn Fighter DQ 4 R M Humanoid Dragonborn 6
Thmb_1916 Dragonborn Myrmidon AtG 16 R M Humanoid Dragonborn N/A
Thmb_1325 Dragonmark Heir of Deneith BW 25 U M Humanoid Human 9 Eb
Thmb_1033 Dread Warrior DQ 33 C M Undead 4 LE 169 FR
Thmb_0103 Dwarf Axefighter Ha 3 C M Humanoid Dwarf 4
Thmb_2201 Dwarf Battlemaster S08 1 S M Humanoid Dwarf N/A
Thmb_0402 Dwarf Sergeant GoL 2 U M Humanoid Dwarf 3
Thmb_1801 Dwarf Warlord DxD 1 U M Humanoid Dwarf N/A
Thmb_0202 Dwarven Defender De 2 R M Humanoid Dwarf 8
Thmb_0210 Dwarven Werebear De 10 U M Humanoid Dwarf 4
Thmb_0123 Elf Ranger Ha 23 U M Humanoid Elf 2
Thmb_1838 Ettin Jack-of-Irons DxD 38 R L Giant 6 MM 106
Thmb_2042 Ettin Spirit-Talker DW 42 R L Giant N/A
Thmb_1839 Everfrost Ranger DxD 39 U M Humanoid Human N/A
Thmb_1630 Exarch of Tyranny NB 30 R M Humanoid Human 8
Thmb_0251 Eye of Gruumsh De 51 R M Humanoid Orc 8
Thmb_0948 Frost Dwarf WD 48 U M Humanoid Dwarf 4 PlH
Thmb_0448 Frost Giant GoL 48 R L Giant 9 MM 119
Thmb_2416 Frost Giant DDM1 16 V L N/A
Thmb_2620 Frost Titan DDM2 20 V H Giant 20
Thmb_0164 Gnoll Ha 64 U M Humanoid Gnoll 1 MM 130
Thmb_0551 Gnoll Ab 51 C M Humanoid Gnoll 1 MM 130
Thmb_1352 Gnoll Barbarian BW 52 U M Humanoid Gnoll 3
Thmb_0552 Gnoll Skeleton Ab 52 C M Undead 1 MH 64
Thmb_0303 Gold Dwarf Fighter Ar 3 U M Humanoid Dwarf 6
Thmb_0618 Goliath Barbarian Dk 18 R M Monstrous Humanoid 6
Thmb_0242 Grimlock De 42 C M Monstrous Humanoid 1 MM 140
Thmb_0849 Grimlock Barbarian Ud 49 U M Monstrous Humanoid 5
Thmb_2423 Grimlock Minion DDM1 23 C M N/A
Thmb_1607 Guard of Mithral Hall NB 7 C M Humanoid Dwarf 5
Thmb_1517 Halfling Brawler Uh 17 U S Humanoid Halfling 4
Thmb_0836 Half-Orc Executioner Ud 36 U M Humanoid Orc 6
Thmb_0507 Hill Dwarf Warrior Ab 7 C M Humanoid Dwarf 1
Thmb_0932 Hobgoblin Archer WD 32 C M Humanoid Goblinoid 3
Thmb_0951 Horde Zombie WD 51 C M Undead ½
Thmb_0952 Howling Orc WD 52 C M Humanoid Orc 3
Thmb_0166 Human Bandit Ha 66 C M Humanoid Human ½
Thmb_0146 Human Executioner Ha 46 U M Humanoid Human 4
Thmb_0851 Hunched Giant Ud 51 R L Giant 11 Und 95 FR
Thmb_0621 Ibixian Dk 21 C M Monstrous Humanoid 2 MM3 63
Thmb_2628 Irontooth DDM2 28 R S Humanoid Goblinoid 3
Thmb_0126 Krusk, Half-Orc Barbarian Ha 26 U M Humanoid Orc 3
Thmb_0135 Lizardfolk Ha 35 U M Humanoid Reptilian 1 MM 169
Thmb_2510 Male Dragonborn Warlord PHH2 10 V M Humanoid Dragonborn N/A
Thmb_2316 Male Human Barbarian PHH 16 V M N/A
Thmb_1355 Marilith BW 55 R L Outsider 17 MM 44
Thmb_0454 Minotaur GoL 54 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_0170 Minotaur Ha 70 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_0455 Minotaur Skeleton GoL 55 R L Undead 3 MM 225
Thmb_2043 Minotaur Warrior DW 43 R M Monstrous Humanoid N/A
Thmb_0555 Mountain Orc Ab 55 C M Humanoid Orc 2
Thmb_1543 Ogre Executioner Uh 43 R L Giant 8
Thmb_0256 Ogre Ravager De 56 R L Giant 8
Thmb_0172 Orc Archer Ha 72 U M Humanoid Orc 1
Thmb_1659 Orc Banebreak Rider NB 59 R L Humanoid Orc 8
Thmb_0173 Orc Berserker Ha 73 U M Humanoid Orc 1
Thmb_0355 Orc Champion Ar 55 R M Humanoid Orc 7
Thmb_1808 Orc Raider DxD 8 C M Humanoid Orc N/A
Thmb_0509 Rhek Ab 9 U M Monstrous Humanoid 4 BE 181
Thmb_2731 Savage Minotaur DDM3 31 V L N/A
Thmb_2434 Skalmad, the Troll King DDM1 34 V L N/A
Thmb_1924 Skullcleave Warrior AtG 24 R M N/A
Thmb_0544 Skullsplitter Ab 44 R M Humanoid Human 4
Thmb_0338 Snig the Axe Ar 38 C S Humanoid Goblinoid 3
Thmb_0940 Snig, Worg Rider WD 40 R M Humanoid Goblinoid 6
Thmb_0459 Tanarukk GoL 59 C M Outsider 2 Rac FR
Thmb_1312 Thundertusk Cavalry BW 12 R L Humanoid Dwarf 4
Thmb_0176 Tiefling Captain Ha 76 U M Outsider 3
Thmb_1008 Tordek, Dwarf Champion DQ 8 R M Humanoid Dwarf 27
Thmb_0113 Tordek, Dwarf Fighter Ha 13 U M Humanoid Dwarf 1
Thmb_0239 Urthok the Vicious De 39 U M Humanoid Goblinoid 6
Thmb_1511 Vampire Hunter Uh 11 U M Humanoid Human 7
Thmb_0912 Warforged Captain WD 12 U M Construct Living Construct 6 Eb
Thmb_0713 Werebear Af 13 U L Humanoid Shapechanger 5 MM 170
Thmb_0327 Wereboar Ar 27 U M Humanoid Human 4 MM 170
Thmb_0130 Wild Elf Barbarian Ha 30 U M Humanoid Elf 2