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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0502 Anvil of Thunder Ab 2 U M Humanoid Dwarf 6
Thmb_1019 Azer Fighter DQ 19 C M Outsider 3
Thmb_0132 Azer Raider Ha 32 U M Outsider 2 MM 21
Thmb_1548 Bugbear Gang Leader Uh 48 C M Humanoid Goblinoid 3
Thmb_0546 Carrion Tribe Barbarian Ab 46 C M Humanoid Human 3 Eb
Thmb_1824 Champion of Baphomet DxD 24 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_0835 Duergar Champion Ud 35 U M Humanoid Dwarf 9
Thmb_2613 Duergar Guard DDM2 13 C M Humanoid Dwarf 4
Thmb_1538 Duergar Slaver Uh 38 C M Humanoid Dwarf 7
Thmb_0332 Duergar Warrior Ar 32 C M Humanoid Dwarf 1
Thmb_1833 Dwarf Shieldmaiden DxD 33 U M Humanoid Dwarf 0
Thmb_2614 Earth Archon Rumbler DDM2 14 R M Elemental Humanoid 17
Thmb_0410 Eberk, Adventurer GoL 10 U M Humanoid Dwarf 3
Thmb_1317 Gnome Trickster BW 17 U S Humanoid Gnome 8
Thmb_0805 Gold Dwarf Soldier Ud 5 C M Humanoid Dwarf 4 FR
Thmb_0927 Gulgar WD 27 R L Monstrous Humanoid 9 MM3 78
Thmb_1829 Ice Archon DxD 29 U M Outsider N/A
Thmb_0553 Ice Troll Ab 53 R L Giant 4 Una 78 FR
Thmb_0936 Large Duergar WD 36 U L Humanoid Dwarf 4 MM 91
Thmb_1937 Lizardfolk Raider AtG 37 U M Humanoid Reptilian N/A
Thmb_2313 Male Dwarf Paladin PHH 13 V M N/A
Thmb_0747 Orog Warlord Af 47 R M Humanoid Orc 11
Thmb_1509 Stone Giant Runecarver Uh 9 R L Giant 9
Thmb_1939 Storm Giant Thunderer AtG 39 R L Giant N/A
Thmb_1008 Tordek, Dwarf Champion DQ 8 R M Humanoid Dwarf 27
Thmb_1510 Van Richten Uh 10 R M Humanoid Human 16
Thmb_2505 Warforged Cleric PHH2 5 V M N/A
Thmb_0914 Warpriest of Moradin WD 14 U M Humanoid Dwarf 9
Thmb_1625 Wulfgar NB 25 R M Humanoid Human 18 FR
Thmb_2102 Wulfgar I:LoD 2 R M Humanoid Human 18 FR