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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1821 Ascendant Hellsword DxD 21 R L Outsider N/A
Thmb_2604 Balor DDM2 4 V H Elemental Humanoid 27
Thmb_0513 Bariaur Ranger Ab 13 U M Outsider 6 PlH
Thmb_2606 Beholder Ultimate Tyrant DDM2 6 V H Magical Beast 29
Thmb_1042 Blackspawn Exterminator DQ 42 U M Monstrous Humanoid 10 MM4 131
Thmb_1602 Brass Golem NB 2 U L Construct 10 MM2 116
Thmb_1824 Champion of Baphomet DxD 24 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_2413 Cyclops Crusher DDM1 13 V L N/A
Thmb_2810 Dispater, Iron Duke of Hell DDM4 10 VR M N/A
Thmb_0227 Druid of Obad-Hai De 27 U M Humanoid Human 3
Thmb_1911 Elder Red Dragon AtG 11 R H Dragon N/A MM 79
Thmb_0753 Feral Minotaur Af 53 U L Monstrous Humanoid 6 SS
Thmb_1810 Gargoyle DxD 10 U M Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 113
Thmb_1905 Gnaw Demon AtG 5 C S Outsider N/A
Thmb_1539 Gorgon Uh 39 R L Magical Beast 8 MM 137
Thmb_2624 Goristro DDM2 24 V H Elemental Humanoid 19
Thmb_1334 Horned Devil BW 34 R L Outsider 16 MM 55
Thmb_0621 Ibixian Dk 21 C M Monstrous Humanoid 2 MM3 63
Thmb_1815 Immolith DxD 15 R L Elemental N/A
Thmb_2724 Legion Devil Legionnaire DDM3 24 C M N/A
Thmb_2308 Male Tiefling Warlock PHH 8 V M N/A
Thmb_0454 Minotaur GoL 54 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_0170 Minotaur Ha 70 R L Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 188
Thmb_2430 Minotaur Battle Shaman DDM1 30 R M N/A
Thmb_0455 Minotaur Skeleton GoL 55 R L Undead 3 MM 225
Thmb_2629 Minotaur Thug DDM2 29 C M Humanoid 9
Thmb_2043 Minotaur Warrior DW 43 R M Monstrous Humanoid N/A
Thmb_1811 Oni DxD 11 R L Giant 8 MM 200
Thmb_1342 Pit Fiend BW 42 R L Outsider 20 MM 57
Thmb_1522 Pseudodragon Uh 22 U T Dragon 1 MM 210
Thmb_0822 Satyr Ud 22 U M Fey 4 MM 219
Thmb_2731 Savage Minotaur DDM3 31 V L N/A
Thmb_1816 Shadow Demon DxD 16 U M Ooze 8 BV 173
Thmb_1901 Shocktroop Devil AtG 1 R L Outsider N/A
Thmb_2635 Sivak Draconian DDM2 35 R L Humanoid 8
Thmb_0958 Tiefling Blademaster WD 58 U M Outsider 5
Thmb_2737 Tiefling Necromancer DDM3 37 R M N/A
Thmb_2437 War Devil (Malebranche) DDM1 37 V L N/A
Thmb_0359 Young Minotaur Ar 59 U M Monstrous Humanoid 3