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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1512 Air Mephit Uh 12 U S Outsider 3 MM 181
Thmb_0462 Cloud Giant GoL 62 U H Giant 11 MM 119
Thmb_1703 Dwarf Brawler DoD 3 U M Humanoid Dwarf 8
Thmb_1012 Goliath Cleric of Kavaki DQ 12 R M Monstrous Humanoid 6
Thmb_0353 Hill Giant Ar 53 R L Giant 7 MM 119
Thmb_0433 King Snurre GoL 33 R L Giant 14 GH
Thmb_0306 Medium Earth Elemental Ar 6 U M Elemental 3 MM 95
Thmb_1752 Ogre Brute DoD 52 R L Giant 4
Thmb_1659 Orc Banebreak Rider NB 59 R L Humanoid Orc 8
Thmb_0463 Storm Giant GoL 63 R H Giant 13 MM 119
Thmb_1312 Thundertusk Cavalry BW 12 R L Humanoid Dwarf 4
Thmb_0465 Warforged Titan GoL 65 R H Construct 8 ECS 302 Eb