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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0901 Arcane Ballista WD 1 R L Construct 5 FW 149 Eb
Thmb_0216 Daring Rogue De 16 U M Humanoid Human 5
Thmb_0651 Dolgrim Dk 51 U S Aberration 1 ECS 282 Eb
Thmb_0249 Drow Warrior De 49 U M Humanoid Elf 1
Thmb_0703 Dwarf Raider Af 3 C M Humanoid Dwarf 1
Thmb_0530 Emerald Claw Soldier Ab 30 C M Humanoid Human 1 Eb
Thmb_0142 Goblin Sneak Ha 42 C S Humanoid Goblinoid 1
Thmb_0837 Helmed Horror Ud 37 R M Construct 8 LE 175
Thmb_0205 Human Crossbowman De 5 C M Humanoid Human ½
Thmb_0319 Ialdabode, Human Psion Ar 19 U M Humanoid Human 2
Thmb_0235 Kobold Skirmisher De 35 U S Humanoid Reptilian ¼
Thmb_0127 Lidda, Halfling Rogue Ha 27 U S Humanoid Halfling 1
Thmb_1049 Magma Hurler DQ 49 R M Elemental 3 MH 65