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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_1701 Angel of Vengeance DoD 1 R M Outsider 10
Thmb_0946 Derro WD 46 C S Monstrous Humanoid 3 MM 49
Thmb_0529 Destrachan Ab 29 U L Aberration 8 MM 49
Thmb_1305 Elf Warmage BW 5 U M Humanoid Elf 1
Thmb_0927 Gulgar WD 27 R L Monstrous Humanoid 9 MM3 78
Thmb_1755 Shrieking Harpy DoD 55 U M Monstrous Humanoid 4 MM 150
Thmb_0748 Steel Predator Af 48 R L Outsider 13 FF 163
Thmb_0611 Warforged Wizard Dk 11 U M Construct Living Construct 1 Eb
Thmb_0407 Warmage GoL 7 U M Humanoid Human 4