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Image Name Number R S Type / Subtype CR Source Setting
Thmb_0330 Dark Moon Monk Ar 30 U M Humanoid Human 5
Thmb_0425 Dire Wolf GoL 25 R L Animal 3 MM 62
Thmb_1030 Doom Fist Monk DQ 30 C M Humanoid Goblinoid 7
Thmb_0104 Ember, Human Monk Ha 4 U M Humanoid Human 6
Thmb_0804 Githzerai Monk Ud 4 U M Outsider 10
Thmb_0133 Half-Orc Monk Ha 33 U M Humanoid Orc 4
Thmb_1337 Kobold Monk BW 37 C S Humanoid Reptilian 3
Thmb_1048 Large Fang Dragon DQ 48 R L Dragon 6 Dr 159
Thmb_0206 Lion Falcon Monk De 6 R M Humanoid Human 8
Thmb_1753 Rage Drake DoD 53 R L Dragon 9 MM3 130
Thmb_0622 Rask, Half-Orc Chainfighter Dk 22 R M Humanoid Orc 8
Thmb_1732 Rot Scarab Swarm DoD 32 C M Vermin 3
Thmb_1736 Shadow Mastiff DoD 36 U M Outsider 5 MM 222
Thmb_0111 Sun Soul Initiate Ha 11 U M Humanoid Human 3
Thmb_0627 Timber Wolf Dk 27 C M Animal 1
Thmb_0711 Ulmo Lightbringer Af 11 R S Humanoid Halfling 15
Thmb_1559 Vampire Dire Wolf Uh 59 U L Undead 10
Thmb_0612 Whirling Steel Monk Dk 12 U M Humanoid Human 7 Eb
Thmb_0860 Winter Wolf Ud 60 U L Magical Beast 5 MM 256
Thmb_0137 Wolf Ha 37 C M Animal 1 MM 283
Thmb_0408 Young Master GoL 8 R M Humanoid Human 8